Setting up Openwrt OS on a minicomputer that has no wifi antenna

hello everyone,

I found a set up that was done by tengointernet, and it basicall looks like this.

Internet -> Zyxel USG 50 Firewall -> Blackbox that has Openwrt OS on it (6 ports) -> external long range antenna (connected on a Lan Port)

I called them to get pw to reconfigure for the Openwrt, but they declined to provide information.

So, I would need your expertise and I have questions.

my questions are:

  1. can I set up an SSID in the Openwrt OS and connect external antennas to a lan port

  2. Can this be done on a 2 port mini computer to reconfigure?

I was searching through google and youtube, but I ran out of options.

Please help.


  1. Depends on what that means, exactly.
  2. Yes

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Thank you for the promtp reply. @frollic
I did install Openwrt OS on a mini computer, but I have no idea on how I can configure it to have LAN port connecting to an external antenna and making it work with SSID.
Thanks in advance.


Let's be clear on terminology, there are no 'external antennas' with 'LAN ports', what you're (apparently) talking about is a wireless access point.

OpenWrt has no insight into other devices, only into itself. You will need to configure your APs individually on each AP directly (yes, there are things like OpenWISP, but that's a whole different can of worms).


Yes the AP looks like any Ethernet device to the main router, there isn't any configuration in the main router related to the SSID etc. Everything related to wifi is controlled in the AP box which runs its own OS.

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