Setting up openVPN server on R7800


i have problems setting up a openvpn server. i am following this guide :
i got stucked on point "3. Basic server - Configure VPN server"
Where do i enter these commands ?

sry i am totaly new.

In the terminal.

What operating system are you using? How did you enter the previous commands?

i use mobaXtern on win 10 to acces via ssh to the router. Here i enterd the previous commands.
This happens when i enter the commands umask...

i got stucked on the > and can't continue with the other commands.

Because it's waiting for the commands to execute in the loop...everything until done. You can copy and paste the whole thing at once, and it will execute them in order.

Oh boy.... that was my mistake. I send every single command row. As a whole works fine.
Thanks a lot m8

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My final question, how do i get this Server settings to the webgui ?
Click Update lists...
Then install luci-app-openvpn

Or from the terminal you could have done the same

opkg update
opkg install luci-app-openvpn 

No you got me wrong. I already have luci-app-openvpn installed, but since i have configured my vpn Server season via cli, it does not appear on the WebGUI (luci -> VPN -> openVPN)

I am not sure. I don't have OpenVPN, but I would expect it to read the settings that are stored already.

non-uci configuration in not manageable via the webui. start with a bare minimal uci definition referencing your .ovpn and go from there.

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I will try it

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