Setting up NAT, Routes using LuCi

I'm struggling whole day to set up correct rules for Nat and firewall.
Earlier I had no problem to set everything on OPNsense, but I moved to OpenWRT because of better drivers and more open architecture.

In OPNsense I was able to set rules like:

  1. Any traffic from LAN that destination IP is in TUN1 to be redirected to TUN1
  2. Any traffic from LAN that destination IP is in TUN2 to be redirected to TUN2
  3. Any traffic from LAN from specified source IP to be redirected to VPN1
  4. Any traffic from LAN to be redirected to WAN.

In LuCi I see similar options to create these rules, but when I start to create I cant find what I need.

In OPNsense I was able to set Device where traffic will be reditected to. In LuCi there is destination IP, but Gateway IPs of VPN and WAN is dynamic, so how can I set destination IP ? This is so confusing.

Could anyone help me to set this UP using LuCi?

Make sure not to mix policy-based routing and firewall configuration.

Typically, there's more than one way to solve the problem, however the functionality of WebUI is limited.


I believe it is exactly as you say, but I can't understand that mess. I installed VPN-PBR and what?
Why its just for VPN? Why I can't set policy for any interface?
That and 1000 other things confuse me. I don't understand half of options. There is no simple description, nor anything in manual about many of them.
I gave OpenWRT second try, but unfortunatelly I see it's completely not for me.
I can't understand this concept. Everything works different than expected. Options that I'm expecting that should be somewhere, are missing. Options that I find confusing are not explained.
As I said, I had no problem with Tomato, no problem with OPNsense, but OpenWRT is too complicated.
With OpenWRT I feel I'm simply too old - which is nothing good, so I have to abandon.
I will just return to OPNsense.