Setting up LAN printer on OpenWrt


Do you know if it is possible to set up a shared LAN printer on OpenWrt? The printer physically connects to OpenWrt router via USB port.

Thanks for suggestions!

For USB attached printer, see:

Warning: this is for printing only. If your device is a MFP, I don't think scanner will work, but don't quote me.

Note if your printer or print server plays up, you may have to reboot the router to fix the problem. It's something I've encountered with other USB printer sharing router running DDwrt, Padavan and Openwrt with certain printers. ie. consider running the print server on a separate box to your ISP facing router.

fwiw, TPlink TL-WR710n (8mb model) with 19.07 ar71 image is smallest openwrt print server I personally use with an old laser printer.

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One other way to have a shared network printer is to use a usb printer server.

Example USB print servers
These devices have either wired or wireless uplinks.

The other thing to look at is the printer driver, some are host based. Most print jobs are either postscript/pdf or text. A printer that supports postscript can process the job directly. If the printer does not support postscript, the job has to be "filtered" in order for the printer to process it. A common filter is ljet4 for printers that support PCL4/5.

If your router has the RAM/Disk space and processing power you can build and install cups. Cups will provide the spooler, the filter and printer use accounting. This is not an easy task but is in the Documentation:
OpenWRT cups.server

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Wow, thanks for suggestions! Did not suspect that connection via USB cable may potentially result in not being able to scan (this is a must have for me).

The USB print server idea made me realize I can try to set up the printer via the router's WiFi, which ultimately worked. As a bonus, through the printer's web config I was able to disable the annoying WiFi Direct process (which was not possible via USB cable).


If you used DHCP you can occasionally have issues when other wireless devices come n' go on your LAN. The IP can change. Static IP addresses avoid your print job going to a cellphone or security camera and ensure it always goes to the printer.

Thanks for the hint! I also rejected the printer to forward to WAN through the firewall's traffic rules.