Setting up IPTV, and using the Fritzbox 7412 with OpenWrt as a bridged DSL modem

I successfully installed OpenWrt and set up the internet connection on a Fritzbox 7412, but this device only has one physical LAN port, so I want to connect a Tp-Link AC1200 to the LAN port of the Fritzbox and to use the Fritzbox as a modem only, and the Tp-Link device as a switch, router, wireless device etc. My ISP uses vlan tagging, but when I set up the necessary settings on the Tp-link router, nothing happens on the STB. I've switched on IGMP snooping on the lan port of the fritzbox. And this is where I am stuck.

IPTV connection settings on my ISP provided router modem combo:
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How is the Fritzbox configured? Does it handle the VLANs properly? Does it just bridge all the traffic?

Yeah, I think it just bridges all the traffic, because I can't find any options in the fritzbox for VLANs (I guess it would be under the "switch" menu option in the "network' tab but it is not available on this device)

Well, I think it doesn't... or this would be working :wink:

Please, be more explicit, and explain how is each device configured.

Okay, I do not know, I messed up both devices properly so im going to start again. The only thing I am in sure is how to set up the VDSL2 connection. But what should I do after that? Im very confused about that.

I would first configure the modem, then post your config here.

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With the OpenWrt defaults, the Fritzbox is likely configured as a router, not a bridge.
Does the TP-Link router also use OpenWrt?
Please post /etc/config/network from both devices.

Apparently, the 7412 model has no built-in switch. This means VLANs can be created simply by mentioning a dotted interface name like eth0.1 in the network configuration.

How do you want to access the FritzBox itself when it is in DSL bridge mode - should the management interface be part of your LAN, or in a separate subnet and VLAN?

Does your ISP use separate VLANs for Internet access and IPTV?

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Thanks for the reply! I'll post my config file soon. Im not using the defaults by the way I (somewhat) followed an instruction for the BT homehub thing which uses the same lantriq chipset as this device.

The TP-Link is using the oem firmware because it is not supportes by OpenWrt.

My ISP uses seperate vlans, vlan 10 for internet and vlan 20 for iptv.

In that tutorial i've seen something like dsl.101 and I've created a dsl.10 interface and got a working internet connection on the LAN port, but yeah I'll post my config.

Which method would you suggest for accessing the fritzbox?

I also have a feeling that I'll have to disable dhcp on the bridge modem.

Does the TP-Link AC1200's vendor firmware support 802.1Q VLAN tagging at all?

Make the management interface part of your LAN for now, but not before you have a plan for the VLANs.

Yes, disable the DHCP server in bridge mode.

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Yes, it supports 802.1Q tagging.

Found it under Network -> Advanced -> IPTV.
This VLAN support is quite limited, but might be good enough. However, I don't see a way to extend the router's LAN to the Fritzbox for management, so I have to take this back:

Instead, I suggest:

Reset OpenWrt to factory defaults. Connect your PC to the Fritzbox and log in via SSH or LuCI.
Change interface wan to proto 'none' and create bridges for VLANs 10 and 20.
The result should look like this (untested):

config interface 'wan'
	option type 'bridge'
	list ifname 'dsl0.10'
	list ifname 'eth0.10'
	option proto 'none'

config interface 'iptv'
	option type 'bridge'
	list ifname 'dsl0.20'
	list ifname 'eth0.20'
	option proto 'none'

It should be OK to keep the lan interface at its default settings.
Activate the configuration and verify that the bridges are up.
Check that the DSL link is up: /etc/init.d/dsl_control status
Post the network config here if you have further questions.

Now unplug your PC from the Fritzbox and restore the previous network wiring.
You will lose access to the Fritzbox management, but the bridging should work.

On the TP-Link router, set up internet and IPTV with their respective VLAN IDs and check if both work.

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Thanks! I'll check and report back.