Setting up IPFire in front of OpenWrt

Hello Everyone,

I want to set up a LAN network for my flat.
I am looking to implement an IPFire server to separate traffic within the LAN from the ISP Legacy Network.
My setup is as follows:

Internet > ISP WAN > ISP LAN Modem/Router/AccessPoint > IPFire Server > OpenWrt

I have configured IPFire Server in RED + GREEN mode and running OpenWrt as the Private LAN Router/AccessPoint
I wold like to bridge the two networks on the sides of the IPFire Server.

Would it be correct to configure a WAN interface on the OpenWrt and enable DHCP server on IPFire Server ? Therefore connecting GREEN to WAN Interface of OpenWrt?
Is this a reasonable solution to have a pseudo enterprise network architecture at home?
Anyone can point to some example configuration for this use case?
I am struggling to access IPFire UI from the OpenWrt LAN.

Bye and thanks to everyone,

It would seem to me that this would be something that should be don in the IPFire server itself, not on some downstream device.

IPFire is a router. It isn't necessary to have two routers in a home network. The "green" (LAN) of IPFire is intended to be connected directly to endpoint devices using Ethernet switches and dumb APs.


Makes sense.
Have a good one and thanks!

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