Setting up Hotspotsystem with OpenWrt (Archer C7 V5)


This is my first experience using OpenWRT and so far I am really liking it so far although I have a question on the setup for hotspotsystem.

I'm trying to setup hotspotsystem's capitve portal which uses coova-chilli, on the hotspotsystem's website it says to follow the below guide:

According to the coova-chilli setup page I've found on the OpenWRT website, the above guide is using the old-style of commands as well as editing the config in the old location (/etc/chilli/defaults).

This is the OpenWRT guide for hotspotsystems:

According to that guide I can enable the old style of settings by...
"simply delete and replace the Chaos Calmer delivered /etc/init.d/chilli script, and edit /etc/chilli/default like before."

What does it mean by replacing the Chaos Calmer?

Currently I'm using the OpenWRT guide with my own details put in however when I type in the voucher code it re-directs me back to the voucher login screen without giving me internet access. I want to try to use the old-style settings to see if it corrects my issue.

OpenWrt release name, unsupported for a couple years now.

The file is still probably /etc/init.d/chilli but "code names" are no longer used for the releases. v17 is effectively EOL, v19 is expected to be released in the next month or so.

The last link on that page has an an alternate config and radius desk instructions....

Maybe start with that guide and report back if you are running into issues.....

Hotspots are not easy to setup. In that most require a backend so choosing one that is simple if you are new ( are your comfortable with radius / UAM operation? ) and ensuring the backend is up and running before diving into the AP side is advisable.

I just had a quick play and the init script seems like it is functional..... so the advice on the wiki may be a bit dated.....

What is your backend by the way?

Hotspotsystem is handling the radius side of things, I've tested using NTRadPing and it says it's connecting fine with the information I have in my chilli config.

I did have it working so I'm not sure where the problem has came from. I have noticed that using a master account is fine however using a voucher code re-directs me to the login, yet on my control centre lists the login as activated even though it doesn't provide internet access.

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I see... so your trouble is not with "setup" per-se.... it with " debugging voucher handling"

What's in ( post in code tags );

cat /tmp/run/chilli* 
logread | grep chilli | tail -n 15 ( just after the client is redirected )

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