Setting up home Network

Hello, im new to Openwrt and networking. Im setting up my home network and want it to be secure, and was hoping to get some help from you.
So i have 3 Netgear r6220 devices upgraded to OpenWrt, 1 ISP router and 1 Asus RT-AX56U

ISP Router:

OpenWrt Router (Main):
In this router i want to make 3 networks using lan2, lan3, lan4

  • Lan2 is going to the Wifi-Router (OpenWrt)
    On this router i want to create 2 Radios seperated from each other "Private" and
  • Lan3 is going to the Private-Router
    This router will only be used for wired connection and want to make it as private as possible.
  • Lan4 is going to the IoT devices Maybe on a non Openwrt device (ASUS RT-AX56U)
    so i can use both wireless and wi-fi.

So thats how im thinking. Is this possible or am i completely lost?
If i am, how should i set it up? :laughing:

I want it to be as secure as possible within these devices.

Greatful for answers! Sorry for bad english :joy:

It sounds like you're making it more complicated than it needs to be. Do you really need more than one network for trusted devices (wired and wireless) and one for guest and IoT devices?


And ... one does not know what information one other device sends.

Having the guest and private networks in the same subnet doesn't seem to be a good idea. (Both use the subnet I assume.)

If it's a Wireless-AP then you should configure a VLAN trunk with the private VLAN and the guest VLAN on lan2. (Alternatively configure the private VLAN untagged, and the guest VLAN tagged.)

(If it would be routing then you need to use one subnet between the main router and the wifi-router, and other subnets as private, and guest networks.)