Setting up bthh5 running openwrt, can't sync with talk talk

I am a newbie, and can't seem to connect to talk talk, unit is timing out username and password correct, any suggestions?

Did you check, it mentions configurations for TalkTalk specifically.

Thanks for that, have had a quick look, found and saved the information, will probably tackle it over the next few days, then let you know, thanks again

Hi, I have read and tried many of the various settings shown, some seem to conflict, I logged on to my old talk talk router and have noticed that the internet server password is only 8 characters whereas talk talk are telling me it is 10? Think that is my problem! Will try and sort this confliction with talk talk and repost findings

Talk talk are waste of time and effort, after explaing at some length about the mis-match in passwords, both supplied by themselves,? the man just disappeared so still struggling to get our router to talk to talktalk!

Do you have ADSL or FTTC broadband services from TT ?

As far as I'm aware, FTTC services do not use any usernames/passwords and uses WAN protocol DHCP-client.

ADSL services do require a username/password and uses WAN protocol PPPoA.

Refer to this TT web page to obtain your username and password for use with third party ADSL routers:

Refer to section 7.5 of the Installation guide for HH5a for UK ISP specific information: