Setting up Adblock-fast to not work on a device


I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I'm a noob

I'm running a WAX206 as a wifi access point + router and have installed adblock-fast, due to work related needs I want to set it up to not work on one of my computers. What would be the best way to set this up?

Thank you!!

Disclaimer, I do not use adblock-fast, I use the regular adblock but most adblock packages works with DNSMasq.

If the DNS server of your client is the routers address it will use DNSMasq with its adblock.
So if you give this client another DNS server e.g. then you will not use the routers DNSMasq with its adblock.

Usually you can manually set the the IP address and DNS server on your client.
For Windows users you can use a utility called NetSetMan or Free IP Switcher or do it manually

You can also use option 6 to let the router handout a different DNS server to your client:

There is a way to achieve this with multiple dnsmasq instances, assigning a specific instance to the client in question and making adblock-fast target (set up blocking) for only one instance.

As to how -- you'd have to refer to OpenWrt wiki and adblock-fast README.