Setting up a new router

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What is the best way of setting up a new/replacement router so that it is ready to be connected and swapped for the single current router used for my ISP. Mother routers are running OpenWRT.

I will only have one internet connection, so is the answer to plug the WAN port of the replacement router into a LAN port of the current router, create an isolated LAN using one of the LAN ports on the new router, set it up and swap it over.

Clearly afterwards IP addresses etc of the LAN may have to change, and I would need to connect to the new router directly with cables etc which makes it hard to test, unless there is an easy way to direct current LAN traffic through the LAN ports of the new router and obtain the routing info.

Not my area of expertise but is there any checklist or step by step guide on doing this? I seem to take down my internet frequently when doing this sort of thing and end up hot spotting!

daisy chain them ? new behind old ?

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You just need to change new LAN side address and connect WAN port to old LAN.

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Pull the WAN cable from the old router, plug it into the new one?!

Its more complex in my setup, I need to test wireguard VPNs (in bound and outbound) and have restricted VLANs

You can do that all from old lan side.

So would you just port forward the wireguard port on the old router (connected to the WAN), to the new router sat on the LAN behind it? Is anything else needed?

You connect test client from old LAN, zero changes needed for old setup until complete replacement.

thanks mate!

Quick one - not being an OpenWRT expert just yet. If the VPN is on the WAN router directly, do I just need a traffic rule to allow the WireGuard port? In my case 51821

If I run the WireGuard VPN on the new temporary child router, do I need a Port Forward only on the old WAN router or a Port Forward AND and Traffic Rule, with the same traffic rule on the child router too to open up that port on both the Wan and child router?