Setting up a Mac-based-VLAN


I need some help with setting up the network as I like. I have three basic components.

  1. Router with two ports, 1xLAN and 1xWAN, running OpenWRT.
  2. A 8-Port-Switch, which is running OpenWRT
  3. An Access Point powered by the switch, non-OpenWRT, a TP-Link EAP670

What I would like to have is:

  1. Four VLANs (private 10, IoT 20, business 30, AllowAdds 40)
  2. One SSID carries the VLANs private, IoT and business, the other SSID allows Adds by bypassing AdGiard
  3. The Router should decide, to which VLAN a device is assigned. I want to connect any device to any port an still get the intended VLAN.

At the Moment, I have a switch.1 device in the Switch, which gets an IP address from the router as DHCP client. I can connect to both OpenWRT devices when I assign VLAN ID 1 on the Access Point to the SSID.

Do I need Radius? What do I set at the switch? Is my access point capable and how can I check this?

I asked a similar question here and some ideas for implementation were discussed.

However, there is no confirmation of whether the result was successful for anyone or not.