Setting Up a Backup Internet Connection with a 3G Dongle on a D-Link Dir 2640 Router

Hi everyone,

I got a D-Link Dir 2640 (a really awesome budget router), and I'm doing USB tethering from my phone that has 5G (n78) to access the internet.

The router has 2 USB ports. Today, I thought of setting up my old 3G dongle on the other port of the router. I got everything right so far; I am able to use the internet using the dongle.

But what I really want is to use the dongle only as a backup. I want to create a WiFi network called "backup" that connects to the internet using the dongle's internet, and the rest of the stuff remains untouched.

Get a try with mwan3.

To setup a 3g dongle with different dhcp altogether without complex solutions. You can create 2 new firewall zones exactly same as default lan and wan and then assign the dongle to new wan zone and create a new static address and set an ip range for it e.g. and add it to lan zone, And finally setup dhcp server for the static address.

Now go to wireless and create a new wireless and don't add the new access point to any network.

Then go back to interfaces, and edit the recently created static address and select the wifi you just created in the devices dropdown.

And then install pbr, and create a new policy with as Local addresses / devices and select your 3g dongle interface for Interface option.

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