Setting Up 2 Dedicated VPN VLANs

I apologize in advance since this has been asked but I've been looking at multiple guides and I get confused halfway through the process since its not exactly what I'm looking for. I've set up a VPN Router before that worked flawlessly with a kill switch. Rather I had to because I couldn't setup a dedicated vpn vlan.

Device: Archer C7 v2
Firmware: OpenWrt 19.07.7

I want to have this setup below with no DNS Leakage. I was last using VPN Routing Policy but for some reason I could only use 1 VPN and I would lose Internet on VLAN3_MAIN. I assume its because of the gateway changing. I've tried this for about 2-3 weeks last year and gave up and just bought another router to dedicate as a VPN Router but it broke so now I am back lol.

VLAN1-I don't touch
VLAN2-I don't touch

I see a tutorial using wman3 but I'm not sure if this what I need. I am just a bit lost and frustrated.


I was able to use this guide!