Setting the server advertised in RA's to a different server

Hi, my current network setup currently just uses SLAAC for IPv6 configuration and DNS is handled by a Pi on the network.

Previously on 19.07(i think) i used to be able to set the DNS server that was advertised in the RA to a diffrent server under the IPv6 settings. But in 20.07 i can seem to find the same setting since, and the router is being advertised as the DNS server.

The closest i've found is the ones for DHCPv6.

Solved it, after disabling Use DNS advertised by peer I added list dns '[DNS IP]' to /etc/config/dhcp for the lan interface

edit: however this will be overwritten by any changes to the lan interface made in LUCI :upside_down_face: so it's a bodge rather than a solution

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