Setting the LED brightness

Hi. Is there any way I can control the brightness of the LEDs?

It depends on the device.

For example, HH5a offers a 'hidden' dimmed setting in OpenWrt to reduce the brightness of all the LEDs.

I've not come across any other devices I own which offer dimmed setting in OpenWrt.

You can program leds in timer mode with small duty cycle like 5ms/50ms ( 1/10 )

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Can you show me how to do this?

No, that doesn't work for me.

What is your device , openwrt version ?

Basic device TP-Link 840N v4, openwrt version 21.02.1.

I don't have this device so I don't know.

Do you have in Luci -> System -> Led Configuration and the possibility of programming the operation of the leds ?

I have the same thing as in your screenshot.

You should therefore have the leds and the possibility of finding a timer function

Initially, I wanted to reduce the brightness at night so that the router wouldn't light up half the room. I played around with these settings, but it wasn't enough, it was still too bright. Too bad, I will have to turn them off instead of turning the brightness down.

There is also a low-tech solution, electrical tape, black to mask the LEDs completely, white or grey to just mute it.

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