Setting static ip address expires after lease time

Initially ethernet ip address is192.168.1.2 and it is connected to router. IP address is assiged in DHCP mode.
Now, I change the ip address to and STATIC mode.
All good so far, I am able to access the device using the ipaddress

When lease time of expires in Router. Ip address is changed from to
Mode remains - STATIC.

For some reason, Even after set static ip at device, router still tracking lease time for the device and it resets ip address after expiry.

Issue is resolved, if I reboot the device. Or issue won't occur if we reboot the device before lease time expiry.

How to let router to give up lease time and inform it static ip is configured.

This looks like a bug in the client, it should not change its IP address when the lease expires; everything else seems in accordance with the standard.

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