Setting network category (eg. CAT-M1) for QMI LTE modems

I have a device (MT7628) with a connected LTE modem that I can successfully control using AT commands over serial, and some QMI commands. I noticed that OpenWrt from 18.07 has support for controlling a lot of QMI settings directly via uci, so I don't need to control most of it via the AT commands any more. Specifically, I can set things like APN, username, password etc. in /etc/config/network.

But does anyone know if I can set the network category (aka. iotopmode aka. RAT aka. radio access technology) via UCI? This would allow me to set it to CAT-M1 (aka. LTE-M) or NBIoT in UCI rather than having config split across UCI and hotplug/coldplug scripts or other programs.

I'm not totally across how the QMI support is implemented under the hood, but if someone doesn't know the answer but does know where I could look for it, I'd appreciate that too.