Setting multicast over wi-fi

I have problem how to properly set the system configuration files to allow send multicast video over WI-FI connection, can someone help me set the files?

config files
Multicast video is streamed on and this is connected to LAN.
Computer is then connected over WI-FI 5G and can play the multicast stream, but after 240 seconds the stream is lost and I can get it back only if I restart the application on PC or restart the WI-Fi addapter on PC. The PC IP address is (I would also like if possible that WI-FI should have DHCP enable to set ips to all connected devices and set ip sequentially for last ip number,, ...) OpenWrt is runing on Subnet mask is
Why the video stream is lost after 240 seconds? Is this some kind of firewall problem (for our use the firewal can be disabled)?

Is the problem wrong configuration IGMP or something?

On internet I found response:
If your embedded devices are running linux, you need to turn off the reverse packet filter on them or they won't respond to group membership queries. In that case the upstream switch will assume there is no-one listening to that multicast and switch it off.
So how to " turn off the reverse packet "?

There's no firewal on LAN to LAN communications.

Is there a firewall on the PC?

This doesn't seem related to multicast, perhaps you should create a new thread for this question. But from reading the dnsmasq mailing list, that answer seems to be no.

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Firewall on PC is disabled.

It looks like that IGMP is not set correctly or IGMP Membership Report package does not get response.
Tested by VLC and wireshark, when stream was lost after 260 seconds on VLC, the wireshark didn't saw any multicast packages, when I close and reopen the video in VLC, I saw IGMP 2 packet for Droping multicast groupe and IGMP 2 packet for joining multicast groupe and the stream came back.
So I think something is missing on configuration for IGMP. I hope anyone will have an idea.

I think is related to link
I updated my solution in above link.

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