Setting many "Local domain" I.E. lan + local

Q1: How can I set two or more local domains. Is it even possible? The end goal is homeassistant.lan and homeassistant.local have the same IP address. I think I want cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/dhcp to have two values;

  1. lan
  2. local

Q2: I think I would need to add the same multiple values to Local server but not sure...

The default configuration of OpenWrt uses a local domain of lan.

local is automatic as an mdns thing. That doesn't require any configuration except to ensure that mdns is active on the desired machines (install avahi if you want it on your router). Do not attempt to set this up as an explicit domain.

the mdns name that each host advertises will be how you address it: <mdnsname>.local -- if you want to change the names, you do that on the individual hosts to tell them to advertise a different name via mdns.

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