Setting Kubernetes in HA mode (two networks site-to-site)

Hi there,

I'm setting up a HA Kubernetes cluster. I managed to set-up site-to-site VPN but now I can't wrap my head how to deal with DNS and load balancing on the routers.

Basically I want to achieve 2 things:

  1. DNS resolution for all nodes on both networks. There is no DNS resolution for machines from other network.
  • I see I can set hostname and IP here for each machine from second network and it's working but it's bit to static.
  • I tried to use DNS forwarding but it's not working or I'm missing something
  1. Load Balancing between: control-01, control-02, control-03, control-04. This nodes are my Kubernetes control planes and I need to have single virtual IP or DNS resolution which is pointing to all 4 nodes.


  1. Any hints where/how I should set it up?
  2. After some research I found that HAProxy should help me with that. Is it gonna work for my setup or I should use different tool?