Seting up a wifi router on Raspberry Pi with internet connection


I have setup OpenWRT on a Raspberry Pi and created one interface for LAN and one interface for WIFI.
The LAN port has address and is connected to the internet via a gateway
The WIFI has its own network and a own DHCP.

When connecting to the WIFI I do get a address as expected and can access the OpenWRT web interface via But how can I connect to the internet on the WIFI device?

I think this a common wifi router scenario, where the router is connected to the internet over ethernet and creates its own wifi network, but I could not find any documentation on how to setup OpenWrt for that scenario.

How do I have to setup the OpenWrt router to make the Wifi device been able to connect to the internet?

Thanks in advance,

The Raspberry Pi series has a couple challenges you should be aware of:

Within those limitations, you should be able to get some Internet connectivity. Typically one bridges the wireless network(s) to the LAN network(s). Such a configuration is "default" for OpenWrt installs. You seem to be missing some critical routing information to be able to route packets from your subnet to a default gateway.

You would need a firewall zone for the wireless, a firewall rule to forward from the wireless zone to the lan zone, and enable masquerading on the lan.

This is how a stock configuration on most routers works, but the two networks are lan forwarding to wan.