Setfacl: file permissions after upload

I have a shared directory called family. I would like to set acl so that any file that I upload can be accessed by other users without me changing permissions every time I upload something. I was trying use setfacl command but I get following error. What is the correct syntax? Or is there a better way of doing it? Most of the time I use smb but I also use sftp on few occasions.

# setfacl -mdR 'u::rx,g::rx,o::-' family
setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 1

Does"setfacl"+"invalid+argument+near+character+1" help?

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Since OpenWrt only has root by default - would you be willing to briefly detail how the other users are setup - just to ensure that's OK.

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I used this guide and followed section 5 instructions. If, I manually change the permissions, other users are able to access the files. Currently I just use chmod -R command to grant access to the new uploads, but I would prefer that it would just work when I upload a photo from my phone without opening the terminal every time. BTW Every user has their own home directory and cross user access restrictions are working fine for those too. family folder has drwxrwsrwx permissions.

Would umask be beneficial here?