Set up OpenWrt remotely

Have openwrt set up on a router far away at parent's place, which has been hard reset. They aren't technically very able.

The main router is all still fine with DDNS port forwarding and static IP set up to forward to openwrt router. I can guide them through connecting to Lan, activating wireless and setting to the wireless network. I can't guide through setting up more advanced features like VPN server.

Is there anything super simple they can do on the openwrt side to give me access to get on and set up the rest of the router remotely?

I've tried getting into the main router too, using these instructions but the connection is refused, though since port forwarding etc. is all set up, I'm not sure it would make a difference whether I got in or not.


  • If you have OpenWrt, you would use OpenWrt's instructions to login to the router
    :spiral_notepad: By default official OpenWrt is not accessible from WAN

Yes - default OpenWrt is:

Use a program like TeamViewer to access from their LAN.

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Edit: missed the TeamViewer bit. Good idea. Thanks!

A second possibility. Would me buying an identical router, setting it up then saving a backup for them to restore work? Or are backups device specific?

Yes, see this:

:spiral_notepad: (Any method still requires them to perform this step.)

If you have this, you can setup access.

Removing specific things like MAC addresses - yes.

(I use 3 identical routers to maintain just 1 in such a manner, but good luck with 2. The third is to locally test the config file in-whole.)

Sorry, missed the TeamViewer bit. Edited my response.

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I did as well.

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There are packages like Nebula and ZeroTier for OpenWrt, which, when paired with the counterparts for your preferred desktop OS, allow you to access devices behind NATs.

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