Set session timeout for captive portal

Hi, i would like to know where can i set an amount of minutes to force finish the internet navigation.

TPLINK MR3020 with OpenWrt as portal captive


First, which captive portal software did you install on the OpenWrt router?

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Im using

This is just the standard openwrt-image. No captive portal installed. Examples of possible captive portals: wifidog, coova-chilli. google for explanation.

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Its nodogsplash

Dunno whether nodogsplash supports timeouts for session control; coova-chilli does it with help of radius. But usage of coova-chilli on a MR3020 probably will not work because of low RAM.
Use a reasonable device (i.e.ZBT-826 for low cost), and coova-chilli with radius (on backend server, most likely).