Set Material theme as the default theme for LuCI

I've been trying to set Material theme as the default theme for LuCI.
On my diffconfig file there's a line where says CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-theme-bootstrap=y so I'm changing this line to CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-theme-material=y
I save and run cp diffconfig .config. On my .config file, the line CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-theme-material=y is there.
When I execute make defconfig the new .config file is like this:

# 4. Themes
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-theme-openwrt is not set
# CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-theme-openwrt-2020 is not set
# end of 4. Themes

Is this the correct way to set Material theme as the default for LuCI?
Can anyone say if this is the correct approach?

The correct answer is to include the material theme and edit the luci config file included in the build.
Like I told you two days ago:


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