Set a limit on the dynamic IP addresses assigned

Hello everyone,

I want to limit the DHCP server to only dynamically assign ips between to

How would I do that with the Luci web gui?

The default is to assign - using a start value of 100 and a limit of 150.

If you want to change that... navigate to:

Network > Interfaces > [click edit button] LAN > DHCP Server 

You can adjust the start and limit. Keep in mind that the limit is not the max address, but rather the size of the pool (i.e. number of addresses that will be handed out). The equation for the DHCP pool address range itself is:

($Start) to ($Start + $Limit - 1)

And for a standard /24 network, the total address range is .1 - .254 (.0 and .255 are not valid for host addresses), and it must not overlap the address of the router itself.


Thank you!

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