Server openvpn PfSense and OpenWrt

hi all, i'm a new openwrt user, i installed and configured my openwrt but i have a problem with openvpn:
Remote site Public IP with PFSENSE configured with openvpn peer-to peer (SSL/TLS).
(I created all certificates)

On Openwrt I go to openvpn but I can't find where to insert the tls key

Switch to advanced configuration first, then you'll find it in Cryptography tab.

ok, i fixed it by creating an ovpn file and importing it into openwrt.
From my home network, I access work network resources, but from work, I do not access home resources.

I don't quite understand how to set the rules on openwrt for a site to site vpn

Edit - see post below

There is an entry in the documentation.

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Besides the issue of firewall rules, this will always happen if you NAT/masquerade from home into the VPN tunnel (typically by placing it in the wan zone). The advantage is that the work network does not need to know about your home LAN. All connections from any machine at home will appear to have the home routers tunnel IP, which the work network does know about. This makes the connection inherently one-way, although you can forward ports to specific servers at home.

If you don't masquerade, you will need to configure the work router to have a return route to the home LAN-- even for connections that originate from a home LAN machine. Once this is done, machines on the work LAN can use home LAN addresses to reach machines at home. You can block some or all of these possible connections with the firewall if you want.

In OpenVPN most of this is done with a client config directory on the OpenVPN server (at work). When the home client connects, the server will install the route into its routing table. It is necessary that the home LAN IP subnet range does not overlap any that are used at work.


thank you all for the replies, I associated the VPN to the LAN interface, openwrt is behind nat so it is not directly exposed to the internet.

The only problem I've noticed is that if I download 10GB files, the download stops and I have to resume what could it be related to?

Could be anything and we don't have enough information but to speculate.

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