Server openvpn en openwrt

good afternoon,
I have created a vpn interface, I have created the zones in the firewall, I have installed openvpn, once I have configured and uploaded the certificates, I activate the openvpn service, from a computer with windows 7 and the openvpn software, I connect to the public ip of the router , and it generates the ip, I ping and I enter the router with openwrt with the ip but I cannot ping the local ip of the openwrt nor access a server of files whose ip is
what would I be doing wrong

Does the client route all traffic or has a route for via the tunnel interface?

I will review that, of course that may be because when I use openvpn server on a windows machine I had to publish the lan network in the configuration file, and here I have not published anything, as it would be done from openwrt. I review it and tell you. I will try to add the route manually on the client

If it is configured to do so of course.

I have added in the client with route add mask (which would be the ip address of the openvpn server in openwrt) it doesn't work,
I have done the same with the route add mask (which is the address assigned to me by the openvpn client when connecting to the openvpn of the openwrt) and it doesn't work either. disabled firewall on client computer. I do a tracert (which is the local ip of the openwrt router) and it does not redirect it through the vpn it leaves through the client's internet gateway.

could you tell me i should check thanks,from the client I access the openwrt router with, it will be routing problems

thanks for everything in the client configuration file i have added route and ping and

I didn't understand, is it working now after you added the route?