Server not reachable after latest sysupgrade on AX3600

After a lot of time using openwrt on Xiaomi AX3600, passing by a lot of sysupgrades without big problems, in the latest one something has happened.
I have a Home Assistant server connected to the LAN1 port, but after the sysupgrade the server seems not reachable.
A ping to the IP of the server seems to work, but I can't reach to the server using SSH or HTTPS.
If I connect the Home Assistant to the ISP router, then it's reachable again, so the server is alive.
All the wifi devices seem to work ok, only this wired server fails.
I don't know where to look to fix this, or if there is a bug in the current master of OpenWRT.
Some idea?

Maybe the home assistant server has a static IP and the sysupgrade changed the lan ip of the router?

No, it takes the IP from the DHCP server, and the router has the same address than before. The sysupgrade has maintained the old config.
The IP seems right, as I say the ping command works. At least using IPv4, using IPv6 seems to fail, but I don't know if it worked before.

More info: I have two AX3600 in mesh. The Home Assistant is connected by wire to the router. As I say, it does not work since latest snapshot upgrade.

I tried to connect the wire of the Home Assistant to the second AX3600, that acts as AP and it has an older snapshot of OpenWrt. I can connect with the Home Assistant without problem.

So is clear that something is different with the latest snapshot.

Something that I can look at?

This can be closed. After several tests, reboots, connect the server with wifi, etc. now it works. It seems a little slow, but maybe is only a sensation. If it happens again, I will comment again.

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