Serve Multiple DNS Servers To LAN Clients

Hi All,

This is something really simple but im pulling my hair out trying to work out what's going wrong.

I just want to push out the following DNS servers to my LAN end clients:

I have tried adding them as custom DNS servers under LAN interfaces but when I do ipconfig /all on a DHCP assigned LAN client it only lists

I'm sure this is something simple but i've Googled around and cant see anything obvious wrong.


Use DHCP Option No. 6:

:warning: This will prevent/hinder local lookups of LAN hostnames known to the OpenWrt device.

You coulda added the 2 DNS servers on WAN.

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Thanks, DHCP6 has worked for me.
Local lookups still seem to be working, why would it hinder it?

Also, I definitely put it on LAN before and it worked, but now for some reason it stopped (I also put it on WAN just to make sure).
I even tried resetting back to factory defaults and adding them and it still wouldnt push them to my clients (ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /all after).


Because I assume 2 of those 3 servers are NOT the OpenWrt. If the other 2 responded first, they would contain no such LAN records.

Glad you got it working!

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Oh yea, doh, lol.

I imagine they would try first anyway so I should be okay to leave it with this configuration, or do you think I need to get it working using the "custom DNS servers" way?

I think you're confusing "push" (i.e. DHCP Option No. 6) and forwarding queries to an upstream server.

If you leave everything at defaults and use custom WAN servers, simply add and Your router's IP of will be "pushed out" to clients - and the router will use those 2 DNS servers for any lookups.

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Haha, I think your right! Ive had a rough couple of weeks so I dont think im thinking right. :smile:

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