Seriosly is there any SIP sofphones for mobile devices wich can work in background?

Ive tried PortSIP UC(Android) it went to sleep , cant call it ..

Did yuo try some over softponet that can work in background ?
Like usual telephon

Both android and iOS support SIP natively, within the default phone app.

my android has it built in but if you set to receive calls
but the constant wifi connection
shortens the battery life big time


What if you use 4g ? So it was made for your phone but I don't have it

it's cheaper to just make the call then pay for the data on my plan

if you have an anrdoind I'm sure the option is in there been in my last 3 phones

call settings > settings >calling accounts > advanced settings > SIP Settings

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SIP support featured in Android 2.3.x/ gingerbread, eleven years ago.

Nope nothing like this in my Honor 6A

do check again
pess call button
brings up contacts
click dot's/settings in call menu

Nope I guess Huawei doesn't support SIP on their phones

go in addition settings maybe

may have to look it up for your deivce

if your lucky you will find it
it's weird that the "Additions Settings" is geryed out

When the server receives a call, it can only announce it to clients that are connected at that moment. So, in order to receive a call, the client must be permanently the server. That means there is a small traffic flowing constantly.

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Was it provided by the phone company? Perhaps they disabled this option, to force you to pay for the calls.

Worked fine when I last tried however depending on your manufacturer of your phone idle/standby settings for wifi might be very aggressive which may case it to drop packets which in turn can make it "hard" for the app to wake your phone during incoming calls. They do mitigate this by providing a push service (which is optional). As far as call quality etc it works great but I've never had any luck running 3+ phones behind NAT (UDP) reliably. It also worked pretty much flawless compared to the builtin client in Android (9) :slight_smile:

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Ihave found this settings on Alcatel X1 an old smartphone I can make calls but can't receive

But it can work via nay network 4g not wife only

Yes, it worked fine over LTE/4G. Keep in mind that SIP/VoIP is rather latency sensitive so if your provider have a rather congested network call quality might not be great however that's not really the app at fault. Groundwire does have functionality to mitigate (improve) call quality in such issues though. You basically have to test it for yourself.

Edit: I should point out that I did quite a bit a research of this ~1y year ago and I would honestly say that if Groundwire doesn't work you're pretty much out of luck.

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