Serial to display

Is there a way to output routers serial port data to a web server or display for 24x7 access?
Throught esp32 or some thing similar?

Minicom or screen?

Do you want to collect data on UART Serial and then push it to an external web server?

Check out this OpenWRT Project List.
The USB Serial project collects data and then there is an example of displaying data on the OpenWRT uhttpd web server. Could also have uhttpd listen on another port if you want to keep it separate from luci.

Anything as long it is live and can be copied for future use.

both have a scroll back buffer.

I actually have a perl scrip to this for my boiler, crude and written 10 year ago, but it works.


use Device::SerialPort;
use Time::localtime;

$LOGDIR  = "./";    # path to data file
$LOGFILE = "blueflame.log";                      # file name to output to
$PORT    = "/dev/ttyUSB0";                      # port to watch

# Serial Settings

#make the serial port object
#note the need to convert carriage returns to new lines to terminate each

$ob = Device::SerialPort->new($PORT) || die "Can't Open $PORT: $!";

$ob->baudrate(9600)    || die "failed setting baudrate";
$ob->parity("none")    || die "failed setting parity";
$ob->databits(8)       || die "failed setting databits";
# $ob->stty_icrnl(0)     || die "failed setting convert cr to new line";
$ob->handshake("none") || die "failed setting handshake";

$ob->write_settings || die "no settings";

# open the logfile, and Port

open( LOG, ">>${LOGDIR}/${LOGFILE}" )
  || die "can't open smdr file $LOGDIR/$LOGFILE for append: $SUB $!\n";

select(LOG), $| = 1;    # set nonbuffered mode, gets the chars out NOW

open( DEV, "<$PORT" ) || die "Cannot open $PORT: $_";

# Loop forver, logging data to the log file

$gmc = ctime();
print LOG $gmc, " started! v2015-10-27\n";

while ( $bluestring = <DEV> )
    $gmc = ctime();
    print LOG $gmc, " ", $bluestring;

undef $ob;

exit 0;
#we are done dude

it have some triggers I removed here, but if i'd only like to save the output, I'd probably read

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Long time ago... 2014, just for fun I made that :
Verry simple using bash. If Im not wrong was tested with openwrt too. Live status only. For records see @frollic. Someone made a similar project with mkrotik r951 as well. My concept was inspired by usblcd from linux.
And some old aplication for my compac pocket wince... can't remanber the name.

got this same display working with ESPhome
will look into getting this to work with OpenWrt.

Just remember the aplication to display data over serial. Was not wince based device but insted PamlOs, a combination of LCD smartie and PalmOrb.