Serial Console with Banana Pi M2 Berry

Hi, i need help with a Banana Pi Berry. I want a serial connection to it, but I didn't get a connection. I used Pin 06(GND) 08(TX) and 10(RX) with 115200 baud
Is there something wrong, wrong pins, wrong speed, or is this not supported in 22.03rc6 ?

Wrong speed would get you garbage output, try swapping the TX and RX pins.

no, there is no output, also with rx-tx changes

in that case, short the TX and RX pins, see if you can see your own typing in the terminal app.

it doesn't help with the actual problem, but verifies the TTL functionality.

this is working, so this must be the wrong pins or it's no enabled.ButI am not sure if this could be possible.

Ok, I found the error, wrong pins, the banana pi has special debug pins behind the outer USB ports, with this it's working

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