Serial console is blank while trying to install on DAP-1330

Hey, it's me again,

I'm trying to install OpenWrt on my DAP-1330, and the commit says I need to access the recovery mode by pressing the reset button on boot up. I believe that I did this as the power led is flashing red and I have never seen that before. However, when I try to connect to it with putty, I get a blank console and can't type anything in. Does anyone know why this is happening?


Could be many things, including

  • Your adapter doesn’t work at all (loopback RX to TX)
  • TX and RX reversed
  • Wrong speed or bits/parity
  • Wrong voltage (3.3 V most likely)
  • Wrong voltage fried your SoC
  • Don't connect V+ / VCC / 3.3V or whatever it is labeled, only RX, TX, and ground
  • Weak soldering joints
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