Serial cable to TP-Link Archer C60

Hello! Long story short, I managed to brick my TP-Link Archer C60, I can't SSH or TFTP, so my only hope is using serial cable. Does anyone know how to connect the cables to the port, I mean what is the sequence? Thank you!

Have you tried this method yet?

Yes, I tried it. In my case only the power light is on and I can't connect to the router.

You would need to open the router and identify the TX, RX, and GND connections on the board.

The C60 may be similar to the WDR6500...

TP-Link may give you the specific locations on the board.

Actually that was my question - how can I identify their position on the board? ! I looked at several videos and pictures, but I couldn't find the same board. It looks something like this: