Serial access to acm3200

Hello Everyone,

I have a usb to ttl cable. red, white, green and black.
On the instruction pages I see I only have to plug in the GRN, RX and TX?
So I do not need to connect the 5v one?
I did try this, but I cannot get a console.
I did try 115200 baud rate.
Hardware flow control on or off?
Software flow control on or off?
8n1 I assume for the rest?

I see a page here:
I assume the 3200 is more of less the same?
It's important to get console access going, because I created an image that doesn't boot and I need to see why. Perhaps build too many packages, image too big for 3200.
Did anybody get a console going on the linksys acm3200?


Yes this is correct. The serial port for WRT3200ACM is front right when the device is facing you.

Left to right on serial header:
Black, white, X, green, X, X

I don’t have access to a PC at the moment, but the default settings in PuTTY were sufficient besides changing Baud and COM device (where applicable).

I found that the first serial adapter I used wouldn’t work properly and required me to temporarily disconnect the white cable to get the router to boot. This is obviously very risky while the router is powered on.
The second adapter I used did not have this issue, but the plug was far too big so I stripped it and used bare connectors, which is also risky.

So you use 9600 baud for the acm3200 and you just connect three pins and gives you the serial console?

I used 115200 as per the specification

Ok, so you used 115200 baud, for the rest everything standard from putty, only having the three pins connected?

Yes (10char)