Separating cisco anyconnect connection between 2.4 and 5ghz

Hi there,
I followed an instruction in youtube and successfully started a VPN with cisco any connect configuration due to restrictions in my country using free network,
Everything is OK but my router supprts 2.4 and 5ghz connection, and I want to use VPN only on 2.4 ghz network because some websites like banks, etc won’t work in my country!
Would anyone help me to separate any connect and using it only on 2.4ghz connection?
Router: xiaomi 4a gigabit edition

There are two options, both involve the use of policy based routing.

  1. create an entirely separate subnet for the lan that will service the 2.4GHz/VPN functionality. This can have implications if you are trying to share files/media across devices that are in your regular lan vs your VPN'd lan, but the situation does depend on the details of the devices and sharing methods involved. Policy based routing will route only the network that is attached to the 2.4G wifi through the tunnel, and the rest will be routed out the standard wan.

  2. Use policy based routing to specifically create a set of policies regarding what traffic should go via the wan or the vpn. You can set this up such that you create exceptions (so if you want all traffic to go through the tunnel except that to your bank, as an example), or the inverse where you say "traffic to these sites goes through the tunnel, the rest go via the wan."

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