Separated wireless network, Port forwarding


Default LAN (

I would like to create two separated wireless network:

  • WNetwork1 (
  • WNetwork2 (

Both networks should have internet, but the devices should not see each other. WNetwork1 should not be able to PING WNetwork2 devices.

I have a network device in WNetwork1 ( and I want to redirect this device to WNetwork2 but only the https port.

How can I implement this solution? Can I request pictures of the interface and firewall, port redirection?

I would have thought that someone like you who is very concerned about security, would know that an https service on an RFC1918 address is always going to give dire tla certificate errors.

I do not understand this.

I just want two separate networks. The WNetwork1 network should be restricted by DHCP so that only one device can connect. From WNetwork2, I want to access that isolated device so that no one but me from network, just only from access 2. network can access it. Why is this a bad solution? Or how would you solve this?

Read this, particularly section 3.

Will port forwarding fail because of the https protocol? Is that what you meant?

No, it is the https protocol that will fail. Https is designed to prevent redirection/port forwarding as well as the use of RFC1918 addresses for security reasons.
You need to be certain the web site you are accessing is the secure site you thought it was.