Separated Networks with Guest WLAN


I again have a question :slight_smile:.
I have now setup my Mikrotik as a Router and an Ubiquiti AP Pro as an dumb ap (
Now I want to set up a guest wlan.
I want to have two separated network because of my NAS and the Server.
But we have a printer which is connected per LAN to the Router, which I want to be accessable by both networks.
How do I have to proceed with this? VLAN or WAN? And how does the separation work when the AP ist a "dump AP"?
Thanks and greetings,

I recommend using a guest VLAN between the AP and the router since you have a router that supports it. It also allows you to set up a wired guest LAN if you want.

The guest wlan on the AP should be configured as a bridge without an IP address (unmanaged/manual), and containing the guest VLAN. Without an IP address it means if will be isolated since the AP won't try to route any traffic.

Refer to the wiki and forum on how to set up a VLAN.