Separate wireless network using vlan with WNDR3700 switch/AP --> clients don't receive IP

How do I configure my WNDR3700 as managed switch/access point?

I have vlan 1 and vlan 3. port 1 has both vlans tagged and goes via another (managed) switch to my main router. The router acts as DHCP for both vlans, assigning IPs in a different range per vlan.

The wired connections all work but I cannot get the extra wireless network to work. Clients are connecting but cannot get an IP.

Firewall and DHCP are all disabled as the device is a switch/AP.

If doesn't answer your questions, please let us know.

In general, you'd mark the VLANs as tagged on the switch for the trunk port, then bridge the various wireless interfaces with the appropriate VLAN-tagged sub-interfaces, such as eth1.100 or the like.

Basic vlan works. It's only the wireless that is failing.

Does the "SH" interface needs to have an IP too? (eg: make it a DCHP client?)

(Note: on the main router, I give my known clients a static lease)

my main router is connected via a managed switch to port "LAN 1" so the packets come in tagged.

I think it is working now. I have included eth0 (cpu) in the SH bridge.

Will test tomorrow.