Separate WiFi with inter-client connectivity


I followed the instructions for setting up a guest wifi.
In my case though I actually want wifi clients to see each other. This doesn't seem to work even though isolation is disabled. I'm guessing I need some firewall rules that are not mentioned in the guest wifi guide (since this is usually not desired)?

I might have found the answer already:
I simply use the lan firewall zone.

It's no separate wireless network anymore if you just throw it in the LAN zone. You need a separate guest zone as per the instructions on the wiki.

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The thing here is this isn't actually a guest wifi. It's a wifi for my neighbor. I just want to keep the two wifi networks separate so clients of one wifi can't reach the other wifi's clients. That's all.

In which case you really, really, really want to use separate zones. Traffic can't be separated if both interfaces are in the same zone, meaning you won't achieve separating the two networks either.

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Got it working with separate zones now.

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