Separate NAT for Guest Network

To add a second NAT for guest. Is it enough to check the box for masquerading. Appreciate help

What do you want to achieve?
Masquerading on the WAN interface applies to all outgoing traffic from this interface.

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My first impression is "why?". You normally configure NAT on an external interface, to masquerade the devices with an internal IP address. Why do you need masquerading on an internal interface?

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I have shared my net and have disruption of internet in the middle of WFH video conferencing.
Got a suggestiin this nATon shard interface helps. Especially if torrent or games are being played during office hrs.

It's difficult to figure out what is reason for disruption. I m suspecting over excessive bandwidth usage. Don't have an issue if they use after office hours.

This is interim measure being experimented as I am figuring out a resolution using SQM.(the varying isp speed is the bottleneck now)

You cannot solve bandwidth problems with internal NAT, you need to configure traffic shaping: