Sensor data transfer from a RPi Pico W to a RPi 4B

I am a newbie on WLAN and want to transfer sensor data collected on a RPi Pico W, which is capable of WLAN, to a RPi 4B. The 'system' should be independent of a stationary router as it will be installed on an airplane where sensor data would be sent to the RPi 4B in the cockpit for further handling. So only 'a few' data will be sent per second and thats all. Can I use OpenWRT for that purpose?
Thanks to anybody for infos on that issue.

The RPis wifi is extremely bad, when it comes to range and throughput, but it's doable.

Can you use OpenWrt? Yes, sure!
Is OpenWrt the best option? I doubt it.
What alternatives exists? Home Assistant + ESPHome.