I have installed sendmail (Busybox) ... and it works, but - I can't seem to find where to define the configuration ... for example, the relay host (SMART_HOST).

Any pointers?



Here in sources you can search for getenv function.

There is also SMTP_ANTISPAM_DELAY but I don't know why the Greylisting antispam enabled for submission.

you may also add an option -S server[:port] Server

note that the bb sendmail needs to be enabled on compilation. Use ssmtp instead

UPD I added a description on Wiki

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That all makes sense, thanks! And I tried several of those :laughing:. The issue is that nut (UPS monitor) seems to be broken => on reset the script to be called to send email is reset, so it forces sendmail, with no command line options :frowning_face:. Otherwise, yes ... ssmtp makes sense.

Thanks again.

Doh! It seems like ssmtp has been removed in v22.03 (or earlier)?