Sending video multicast via Wireguard

Hi everyone, Im trying to send the video data that these devices use via my wireguard vpn.

The devices are these:

I already try to connect them to 2 different VLANs and creating a bridge with both VLAN interfaces and it works perfect, but now a added the wg0 interface to the bridge with the hope to works the same, also configured in my remote location a bridge interface between the wg0 and a new VLAN just for this device but it seems is not working.

wireguard connection is working normaly.

Is there a specific config I should apply or use?

To be more detailed:
In main site, i have openwrt 21.02.1, wg0 vlan15 and vlan16 in one bridge, i have the device TX on vlan15 and the RX on vlan16 (i did this to try that broadcast packets jump from one vlan to the other without problems)
im now on my remote site where im using openwrt 19.07.7 and i create a bridge between wg0 and vlan15 where i have another rx connected but is not getting the video data.

Please someone can give me a hint what to do next?

As far as I know multicast is not supported with wireguard, however. You can set the multicast flag on a wireguard interface. As long as you allow at least "local" multicast traffic (read as with an TTL=1) works.
To route multicast traffic you will need multicast routes. Personally I have not tried this yet, I only tried ospf multicast traffic where the Linux host can just fine send multicast traffic through the tunnel.
But you can not bridge the wg interface. You will have to route multicast traffic between your vlans and the wg interface(s).
Hope this pointers help you.

hi bernd, thanks fot your tips, i will try them

is there a better way to send the multicast data, maybe openvpn?

With OpenVPN you can at least bridge interfaces but I have never looked into multicast with OpenVPN, sorry.

great to know to give it a try, thanks