Sending regular keep alive ping to all WANS?

I'm using a 4G router as a backup WAN for my OpenWRT router. Unfortunately the 4G sim gets deactivated by the service provider if I don't use it for an extended period.
I did a test today- and the backup WAN failed. I had to get the SIM out of the router and into a phone to get it reactivated.
I need a way to send out a regular (only once a day) ping or external dns lookup just to keep it active- but this needs to be on the backup WAN interface. Is there anyway of doing that within OpenWRT. Ideally I need to be notified if the 'keep alive' fails.

Regards Phil

ping -I, using cron ?
script it, so it send an email if it fails ...

might need to install proper ping, and not the busybox version.

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