Sending option 60 with DHCP server


For iptv a dhcp server on OpenWRT has to send option 60 to the client (set top box).
Tried isc-dhcp-server, udhcpd and kea.
Does someone know if that is possible? Non of the above seems to work, the lease shows the vendor class identifier of the manufacturer instead of my custom one. Or kea has no port open to listen on.

(OpenWRT 19.07.5 on Netgear R7800)

You can add it in network->interfaces->LAN->DHCP server->advanced settings->DHCP options.

But it'll be used by all clients.


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Even better :slight_smile:

If remember correctly I already tried that option but I'll try again.
Should it be 60,IPTV_RG or 60,"IPTV_RG"?

DHCP option 60 aka vendor class identifier is supposed to be sent from DHCP client to the server.

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For iptv the dhcp server who's serving the ip address to the settopbox has to send the string.

Tried several things without success.
pfSense can do it but I want to connect the settopbox to a router/switch instead of the firewall.
Installing pfSense just for routing a number of subnets is overkill to me.

There's a good explanation:

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