Sending messages about packets to a server

Hi, I am new to LEDE so I really hope this makes sense.

I am undergoing a small project where part of the project I am planning on capturing certain types of events/packets (eg Probe requests, signal strength, packet loss....) and sending a message from my router to a server in relation to these events (eg sending a JSON object about these events).
I have searched online for any solution similar to this but I have had no luck.
I am currently using tcpdump to capture probe requests at the moment.

My question is, is this possible?

Thank you very much for any feedback.
All the best.

Definitely possible, a few things would help to pick a path

What is the event rate? Rare, a couple a second, hundreds or thousands a second?

How important is it that you get reliable delivery of the notifications? Is it a problem if you drop some?

My first couple thoughts are either syslog or MQTT

I ran a script there to capture number of packets received a second and it ranges from 0-8(which was surprisingly low) so it's not a busy network.
Reliability is not my main concern at the moment, I just want to have something working first and then I can explore different ways of improving reliability in the future.

Thanks for the help Jeff, much appreciated