Send Wi-Fi signal over Ethernet?

Hey everyone, I’m trying to use my Apple TV which has faulty Wi-Fi over Ethernet but I’m not sure how to do this

I have an extra router flashed with openwrt so I’m wondering if I could send my main 5ghz over an Ethernet port?

Follow this guide:

Depends on if there's a WAN port and a FW involved, or if you're just transmitting LAN traffic.

im really not sure what that means.. im just trying to watch shows on my apple tv

Why not just connect a ethernet cable between the router and apple-tv?

Just answering the question you now've removed ,)

On the extra router, go to
Network > Wireless > Scan > Join, to connect it to your existing wifi.

If the router is only providing internet access to the ATV, you can set up the link as WAN.

I tried that but it doesn’t have internet on my pc

Id have to run it downstairs which I don’t want to do

What that exactly ?

I went to wireless and added my network as wan

Look on the main status page if you have an IPv4 Upstream address from the network you connected to. If this address is in the same range as the default LAN,(192.168.1.X) you will need to change the lan.

It says disconnected

If you connected the wirelessto existing wan, edit the wan network physical settings and remove any Ethernet port. The wifi client must be the only thing in that network and it can't be a bridge.

Edit to add: Though I generally don't like the "Join this Network" button, it may be appropriate for a rank beginner. If you reset to defaults then perform a wifi scan and use the Join button exactly once on your home network, it should work-- unless there is an IP conflict as I previously mentioned.

If you want help, you need to specify clearly what you've done, sharing configuration files (remember to redact passwords and any other sensitive information) and telling us the complete topology(Your internet setup, how it "flows"), from where your internet "begins" which is usually a modem/router, and to where it goes, like any other devices and even switches/routers in the way.

  1. Please describe/draw your internet setup AKA your network topology
  2. Explain your goal in detail relating to the Apple-TV and WiFi within your network toplogy
  3. Please describe in full detail what you've done until now, including configuration files
    :warning: REMEMBER redact sensitive information like passwords, network names, MAC addresses (example: 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:6D), etc..
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